Rhiwbach Entrance

Hi all,

Just had a message that the entrance to Rhiwbach had a bit of a mud and rock slide in yesterday’s damp spell! Who knows what other mischief the water may have got up to yesterday. Would be worth highlighting to staff the need to move swiftly through the entrance/exits of the mines as well as being extra vigilant when underground, particularly around the brows of cross-cuts or areas highlighted within the inspection reports as needing monitoring.

We should also remind folk to avoid spending to much time in large chambers (as highlighted in the last few mine inspection reports) as it’s difficult to properly inspect the roofs.

All the best

Gethin Thomas

One thought on “Rhiwbach Entrance

  1. Hi Gethin,
    Exiting Rhiwbach this afternoon through the ‘cathedral’ and there is also a mud slide immediately to the left. It’s blocking the usual rutted path. Headed across to join airshaft exit path instead!! Watch for further slips!!!


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