Inspection (Wrysgan and Geironydd) update, March 2017

Inspections are going well. Today we looked at Wrysgan and the Geironydd trials.
There was very little of concern in both, however our mine engineer has suggested we monitor the brow of the adit that leads outside on floor 5 of the mine (the wet way out) as there looked to be some blocks that look like they may fall at some point, although there’s no evidence of a fall on the floor. This is the exit directly next to the eased block that fell several years ago (photo attached) directly above the solid ladder, and potentially somewhere groups may gather having scrambled up the ladder.
Also within Geironydd the frequently used trial (opposite the waterfall that drops into a short adit) had several bats in the back of the stope. There is a circular route that follows the back of the stope around several timbers and drops down via a short slide/slab. It may be prudent to avoid that section of mine in the Winter as the bats are hibernating.

Floor 5, wet exit

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