Rhiwbach Steel works, part 2

Thanks to everyone who came along on Friday to shift the first wave of steel into the mine.

Around 2/3rds of the steel has been stacked by the bore-hole on floor 3, with the rest just within the entrance. We also removed one of the previously installed uprights (all will need to come out for the new structure to go in, although the plan is to re-use some of the steel from the earlier structure). It’d be worth passing this on to staff as if groups within the mine drop any of these stacked pieces of steel onto their toes it’ll certainly ruin their day!
The rest of the steel is due to be delivered on Thursday (18th Jan), again 10:30am at the Cwm carpark. We could really do with as many hands as possible that day to shift the steel into the mine. If anyone is available please do come along and lend a hand! 
Once the steel is in place the fun begins. The structure should be relatively easy to erect with it being bolted into place. Once up we’re going to need to pack stone above the structure to the meet the current roof, as well as along the sides. This is likely to be a lengthy process and we could do with a fair bit of help getting this sorted. At the moment we’re looking to make a start on Friday the 19th, so again if anyone is free please get in touch.

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