Message regarding conservation from the N. Wales LCMLA panel

Hello all,

At a recent panel meeting concern was expressed regarding the conservation of our mines. The panel would ask the following statement is shared among current and aspirant instructors;

Members of the N.Wales LCMLA trainer/assessor panel are becoming increasingly concerned with the level of food waste and rubbish found within the mines, and the deterioration of some unique artifacts.


We would ask that group leaders try to eat outside the mine where any food waste accidently dropped will degrade. If eating underground is unavoidable please consider what you’re eating, for example try to avoid eating crisps or grated cheese which is easily dropped, save them until you get out! Please also make all efforts to pick up any dropped food or rubbish.


Please do not pick up or move any artifacts such as the slate wagon in Rhiwbach or the hobnail boots, and please make sure groups are appropriately supervised when exploring areas where there are known caches of artifacts. It’s sadly noticeable how much some of these artifacts, having survived for decades, have degraded or been completely destroyed given the increased activity within the mines.


Please be aware that the panel will be taking a more robust stance during assessments with regards to conservation.


Leaders should be aware of the cave/mine conservation code:


North Wales LCMLA Trainer/Assessor Panel. 

April 2019

Thank you


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