North Wales LCMLA Mine Users Meeting

North Wales Mines Users Meeting

Monday 10th of February 2020

Oaklands OEC 


Following previous years gatherings, we’ve arranged another opportunity for those working within the mines to get together, discuss any hot topics, concerns and find out about on-going projects and issues. 

Details are also available here:

Rough Agenda

  • 10am Welcome/Introductions
  • Access
    • Likely review of the award scheme with the Mines Inspectorate 
    • Update from CAL (Cave Access Ltd) who are manage access to some of the mines owned by National Resources Wales (previously the Forestry Commission)
    • Update on Gaewern & Aberllefenni 
    • Rhiwbach
      • Feedback from residence
      • Forestry work
      • Buoyancy aid testing and monitoring 
  • Any changes/concerns
  • Update on Radon Underground
  • Update on Anchors
  • Mine Inspections for this year: Week Commencing the 16th March 
    • Any new sites? 
    • Venues: Wrysgan, Bwlch y Plwm, Cwmorthin, Rhiwbach, Dolgoch Adits, Henddol
    • Any additional sites people would like to have inspected?
  • AOB

I’d hope we could rattle through this lot in a few hours, hope you can make it. Directions to Oaklands can be found here:


2nd February 2020

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