Users Meeting Minutes

A brief write up following last weeks meeting has been circulated to the email addresses for those registered to receive updates on the mines. If you’d like a read bug whoever you’re working for!!

Some key points:

  • Please hang up the BAs in Rhiwbach after use, leave them in the boat for others unless you’ve confirmed with the team behind you they’re planning on using the boat
  • All BAs in the mine have been checked and are fit for purpose
  • All anchors in the mines have been checked. Rigging diagrams available to confirm those that passed, and those that did not!
  • Some work on the reservoir above Rhiwbach may start in the next few months. No access restrictions just take care walking the track with groups as there may be heavy machines using the track
  • Upper gate of Rhiwbach being looked at and options discussed
  • Radon Underground update coming soon, expect a requirement to comply with the new regulations
  • Next round of inspections starting week commencing the 16th March. More info soon…
  • If you spot any changes in the mines following the storms please let us know so we can spread the word. Be extra vigulant in the slate mines after the heavy rains!


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