Latest Mine Reports Available

The latest mine reports have been uploaded to providers Google Drive box. Those with access should be able to log in and download the most recent repots by following this link:

Any problem get in touch


Message regarding conservation from the N. Wales LCMLA panel

Hello all,

At a recent panel meeting concern was expressed regarding the conservation of our mines. The panel would ask the following statement is shared among current and aspirant instructors;

Members of the N.Wales LCMLA trainer/assessor panel are becoming increasingly concerned with the level of food waste and rubbish found within the mines, and the deterioration of some unique artifacts.


We would ask that group leaders try to eat outside the mine where any food waste accidently dropped will degrade. If eating underground is unavoidable please consider what you’re eating, for example try to avoid eating crisps or grated cheese which is easily dropped, save them until you get out! Please also make all efforts to pick up any dropped food or rubbish.


Please do not pick up or move any artifacts such as the slate wagon in Rhiwbach or the hobnail boots, and please make sure groups are appropriately supervised when exploring areas where there are known caches of artifacts. It’s sadly noticeable how much some of these artifacts, having survived for decades, have degraded or been completely destroyed given the increased activity within the mines.


Please be aware that the panel will be taking a more robust stance during assessments with regards to conservation.


Leaders should be aware of the cave/mine conservation code:


North Wales LCMLA Trainer/Assessor Panel. 

April 2019

Thank you


Inspections week update (and Rhiwbach code change)

The mine inspections will be happening this week (1st – 4th April). We’ve revised the original plan a little as follows:

  • Monday: Fish Caves & Rhiwbach
  • Tuesday: Cwmorthin
  • Wednesday: Wrysgan & Bwlch y Plwm
  • Thursday: Minllyn & Gaewern (hopefully)

There’s opportunities during the week to accompany the mine engineer which can be incredibly insightful, however places are limited. If you’re keen please get in touch via the email addresses sent out with the itinerary to those registered to receive the reports, or to me directly.

Note that on Monday the 1st of April the code to Rhiwbach will be changed. This is likely to happen in the afternoon. If you’re planning a trip into the mine please check with whoever’s registered to receive the updates for the mines for the new code.


Wrysgan rock fall

There’s been what looks like a small amount of rock fall on floor 2 of the mine, just before the roped climb to the third floor. The rock fall has come from an areas with a significant amount of water permeating through the rock together with an body of quarts.

Although it’s unlikely groups will gather in the area as it’s wet, it’s worth being aware of.

Rhiwbach parking area

We’ve been getting reports that the flooding last weekend has decimated the footpath leading down the quarry from the top entrance to the mine, and washed a significant amount of debris into the parking area at the foot of the quarry.

Parking may be limited for a while until we can get this addressed. Feel free to send any photos so we can illustrate the damage.

This years mines inspections (April 2019)

Hello all,

This years inspections are programmed to start the 1st of April. The programme as it stands is as follows (although may change at short notice);

  • Monday 1st April: Minllyn & Gaerwern
  • Tuesday 2nd April: Cwmorthin
  • Wednesday 3rd April: Rhiwbach & Bwlch y Plwm
  • Thursday 4th April: Rhiwbach & Fish Caves

There’s a small number of places available to accompany the mines engineer during the inspections. If you’d like to observe the inspections please get in touch

Access updates

Apologies if you’ve just had your facebook news feed bombarded with posts from the mines website. I’ve just done a little tidying up so it should be easier for people to find information about specific mines quickly (there’s a drop down menu on the right hand side side bar).

If you’re aware of any changes to the access for the mines please let me know so I can keep these pages current.