Post from Andy RE the walk up to Rhiwbach

Hi Gethin hope your well. You may have noticed that the bottom left of the short incline on the walk to Rhiwbach has recently deterioted. The loose rocks and debris there is now gone as of today. I removed it (well pushed it all off). As it was, it was a hazard, as someone might of accidentally stepped on it and come of badly. Just letting you know in case you want to tell people in case they panic its falling down on its own. Andy

Rhiwbach Footpaths

Hi all,

Just a quick heads up that there’s some work going on on the footpaths around Rhiwbach over the next 3 weeks (so into early Sept). Access along the footpaths will remain, however there will be heavy(ish) machinery moving up and down the paths so please be aware and considerate!


Rhiwbach BAs

Hi All,

We really need to make a decision on the BAs in Rhiwbach if we want to purchase a batch with this years inspection reports fees to those who use Rhiwbach.
There are several options within the mine, and have been for a few months. We also need to decide how many to purchase. Its been suggested we retain at least 20 BAs in the mine. We could either purchase 10 this year and 10 next year (to stagger the cost and wear), or go all out for 20 this year.
We also need to decide on type. To help folk out I’ve added the options to the section on the Rhiwbach BAs to the mine inspection website. You can see the options at the bottom of the page here:
Could you ask staff to have a look and let us know by Friday this week?

Rhiwbach Steel works, part 2

Thanks to everyone who came along on Friday to shift the first wave of steel into the mine.

Around 2/3rds of the steel has been stacked by the bore-hole on floor 3, with the rest just within the entrance. We also removed one of the previously installed uprights (all will need to come out for the new structure to go in, although the plan is to re-use some of the steel from the earlier structure). It’d be worth passing this on to staff as if groups within the mine drop any of these stacked pieces of steel onto their toes it’ll certainly ruin their day!
The rest of the steel is due to be delivered on Thursday (18th Jan), again 10:30am at the Cwm carpark. We could really do with as many hands as possible that day to shift the steel into the mine. If anyone is available please do come along and lend a hand! 
Once the steel is in place the fun begins. The structure should be relatively easy to erect with it being bolted into place. Once up we’re going to need to pack stone above the structure to the meet the current roof, as well as along the sides. This is likely to be a lengthy process and we could do with a fair bit of help getting this sorted. At the moment we’re looking to make a start on Friday the 19th, so again if anyone is free please get in touch.

Users Meeting, Rhiwbach Works & Cwm Penmachno Residence Meeting

Happy New Year All,

In previous years we’ve arranged some time for professional users of the mines to get together and discuss any issues, access, anchors and potential projects needed to maintain the approved routes throughout the mines. If would be useful if people could let us know which dates would best suite as many as possible could you use the following poll to let us know your availability:

The bulk of the steel needed to complete the works within Rhiwbach will be ready to be transported up to the mine this Friday (12th January). If you’ve any staff available to help out with carrying the steel this would be greatly appreciated. We’re planning on meeting at the car-park for 10:30am on Friday.
Once the steel is in the mine we’re also going to need to prepare the ground and assemble the structure. The more people available to help with this, preferably next week, the better as this would reduce the costs of the works. If anyone is available to help please get in touch.
Finally we’ve also been asked if users of Rhiwbach would be available to attend a meeting with some of the residence of Cwm Penmachno. Several of the residence have expressed concerns with the degradation of the paths leading to and from the mine as well as litter. The meeting has been arranged for the evening of the 24th of January. If you’re keen to come along please get in touch and I’ll pass on further details on the meeting once I have them.
All the best

Rhiwbach Buoyancy Aids

We’ve introduced a periodic inspection regime for the BAs in Rhiwbach, with a log of the inspections held on a red clipboard in the mine.

Illustrations of the cover sheet, log pages (blank and following first entries) and numbered/marked BAs are here


Could staff using the mine please make sure any defective BAs are removed from the mine given there’s no secure “isolation” bin for any found to be damaged. Please also let us know if you do remove any BAs so we can make sure we keep enough in stock either through the contact us part of this site or through the email group. 

Here’s a video outlining the method used to float test a sample of the BAs. 2 older BAs were tested, both exceeded standard rated on the BA.

This system may well evolve based on feedback from users so feel free to get in touch if you think the system is not robust enough.

Rhiwbach Access

Hi All,

Can all instructors please do their best to pick up any rubbish found on the paths to and from Rhiwbach, avoid toileting in obvious places (and pick up any toilet paper left behind), as well as stick to the main path leading down from the mine to avoid further erosion to the paths.

More info has been passed onto those buying into the scheme.