Rhiwbach Brow & Top Exit/Entrance

The brow above the rafting pool was identified as a concern back in 2011-12. Some pegs were placed in the roof in September 2012, and some clearing done having spotted some movement, Not long afterwards a significant block fell from the brow, arguably stabilising the area however re-inforcing the need to monitor the area.

Brow Reference Photos

Following advice from the mine engineer suspect cracks were filled with white paint so any changes to the brow could be monitored. As a reference staff may feel it appropriate to use the attached photo as a frame of reference to help highlight any changes

High resolution pdf: 22 MineReports2013 Rhiwbach Boating Brow Picture

Top Entrance/Exit

In 2013, following a severe winter some loose rock was highlighted and removed from the upper entrance of the mine

Staff may feel it approbate to use the following image to help assess if there’s been any changes in this are

High res link: 22 MineReports2013 Rhiwbach Top Exit Picture