Rhiwbach Buoyancy Aids

Users of Rhiwbach are asked to contribute towards a batch of buoyancy aids which are available for groups to use to cross the flooded chamber on floor one of the mine.

Buoyancy Aids (and Life Jackets) are used at the users own risk; instructional staff should satisfy themselves that the BAs are fit for purpose prior to each user. Any suspect BAs should be removed from the mine and the users group notified by either submitting the attached form, or emailing the users group: minereports@googlegroups.com

Float Test

Check Sheet

Initial set up

Buoyancy Aid Options for 2018

We’re looking to replace the current batch of buoyancy aids. In part to make the tasing of the BAs easier it would be preferable to purchase one type of BA or lifejacket. Below are the BAs/Life Jackets we currently use in the mine.

We need to maintain around 20 BAs, so also need to decide if we want to purchase 20 this year, or 10 this year and 10 next year.

Please use the polls below to let us know your preference with regards to BA type and number so we can purchase the ones most users would prefer.

Times up! Polls still here so you can see the vote trend, but we’re looking to invest in 20 of the Four B 70N

Spiral: http://crewsaver.com/uk/9326/leisure/lifejackets/615/Spiral100N

Pros: easy to fit, little padding on the back so good with a rucksack on. High floatation/lifejacket. Cost.

Cons: zip

Four B 70N: http://crewsaver.com/uk/9326/leisure/buoyancy-aids/16439/FourB70N

Pros: Easy buckles (no zip to get damaged). Cost (if similar to previous years)

Cons: Buckles have gone missing. Lots of buckles to do up. Bulky with a rucksack on

Premier Life Jacket: http://crewsaver.com/uk/9326/commercial/foam-lifejackets/334/Premier

Pros: Very easy to fit, possible to fit when wearing a rucksack. High floatation/lifejacket. Cost

Cons: Very bulky (hard for kids to see where they are walking!) Doesn’t look tremendously robust

Palm Rafter 120: http://palmequipmenteurope.com/product/rafter-120

Pros: Easy to buckle up. High floatation. Looks hard-wearing

Cons: Cost. Bulky with a rucksack